Skin Lightening,
Skin Repairs & Body Oils Course

In this course, you will learn about the following:
– Lightening lotion.
– Whitening lotion.
– Dark knuckle.
– Lightening body oil.
– Lightening face creams day and night with spf.

– Body serums.
– Skin repair oil.
– Acne, pimples and eczemas.
– Lightening face cleansers and toners.

– Sunburn cream.
– Dark eye serum.


– Learn how to make a greet cross section of formulations from natural skincare
and cosmetics recipes.
– Discussions on how to use natural lightening ingredients in your
– Discussions on how you will create your formulation harmlessly.
– Discussions on pro mixing; Have you ever asked what pro mixing is about? Are
you confused when people use the term pro mixing? Why pro mixing? Is it safe?
All these questions will be answered in the class.
– Learn the right measurement of products to use for lightening the body and face.
– Discussions on what ingredient to use and what not to use.
– Discussions on various skin types.
– Discussions on causes of some skin problems.
– Discussions on how to help customers make the best discussions on skin lightening.


– If you want to enjoy fun and passion of a new hobby.
– If you want to learn how to professionally make quality products.
– If you are passionate about creating your own natural skincare products.
– If you want to learn how to make creamy body butters.
– If you are curious about African skincare.

– If you want to learn solutions to skin problems.
– If you’ve been formulating lightening products and getting negative reviews on
your products.
– If you’ve been formulating lightening products that doesn’t work.
– If you are looking to have a side hustle, classes are during weekends.


– All materials will be provided, including handouts during and after the course.
– Mentoring will be very much available after the course for one year.
– Supplier contacts will be given out.
– A platform will be created for the class to interact after the class.

– Lunch will be provided during lunch break.

– N300,000 full payment
– 50% part payment is accepted to book a seat and payment balance must be completed before the deadline.