Compressed Face Sponges


These professional-grade sponges are naturally soft and absorbent, gentle and effective for deep cleansing and removes all traces of facial products on the face and neck, including makeups, leaving skin radiant clear and smooth naturally.

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How to Use:
For personal use; we suggest a new sponge every 10days, but this can be stretched out to much longer period if you clean and store it properly after use.
Rinse out the sponge several time with warm/ hot water.
Apply your favorite facial cleanser/soap to the sponge. Gently massage face with sponge in circular motions.
After each use, rinse and wring out the water. Leave the sponge in a dry place to completely dry after washing it before you store it.
When you notice the sponge loses the softness or it’s color, starts to fall apart, or has an unpleasant smell, it’s time to replace it.
Compressed  Face Sponges are made from 100% natural, untreated plant fiber. No polyester, recycled cotton filling.
Made in China


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